Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oops! Now it's Bagel Bread!


Yesterday, I tried (keyword being "tried") making bagels. I think my flour was old (I know, many of you will say it was the yeast or the water temp, but I just bought it and the water was about 135f). Anyway, I followed the recipe for Nigella's Bagels as I have so many times before, adding garlic powder, dried diced onion, sesame and poppy seeds, and the stuff never really did raise the way it was supposed to. (I'm seriously contemplating changing my blog name to The Accidental Baker or some shit like that. Because really, things I make rarely ever turn out the way they're supposed to. ha.)

So, I decided that instead of throwing the delicious smelling-dough away, I'd bake it anyway...like bread! YEAH! That's it, I'll make bread out. I avoided the boiling process that's used in the bagel recipe, formed the dough into loaves and let them proof (raise), covered by oiled plastic wrap in a 100 degree f oven. (We're cheap and keep our house at 65...not so good for making things that need to raise).

After the 2nd "raising" which never really worked too well, I took the plastic wrap off, turned the oven to 375f and baked the hell out of it for about 20 minutes, buttering the top at about 18 minutes. The top didn't brown too well (of course), so I turned the broiler on it for a few seconds and "wallah" Bagel Bread! WOOT!

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