Monday, October 22, 2007

Super Quick Pizza Dough

This is seriously the easiest pizza dough. I've never ever ever had a mishap with it. I've even doubled it and it's been perfect every time. You can play with the sugar content a little, but I like mine a little sweeter to satisfy that Sweet & Salty craving.

1 pkg Quick Rise Yeast
1 tbsp Cooking Oil
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
1 c Hot Water (120-130 degrees f)
2 1/2 c Flour

Preheat oven to 425.
In a large bowl- (I use my dough hook and mixer, so mixing bowl) mix yeast and brown sugar *into hot water, let set a minute or so. Stir in oil and flour; form dough into ball, kneading until all mixed and dough is elastic. Cover with tea towel and place on heating stove or in warm, dry place. Let raise 15 minutes, or until doubled. Punch down the center of the dough and move it to a floured surface. Kneed until dough is no longer sticky, but smooth and elastic. Form into a ball, smoothing the rough edges under (I took my dough handling ques from the Flat is Beautiful episode of Good Eats!) Stretch on pizza pan or stone, leave 5 minutes to raise again.
Top with favorite sauce, cheese and toppings.
Bake 15- 20 minutes.

* for an herbed crust, omit sugar and add herbs to flour mixture.
^you can also use this for bread sticks or calzones.

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